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Information regarding joining the Japanese Academy of Budo is provided below. Please contact the administration office if you have any questions.

1. Joining Procedures and Approval
(1) Regular members must be researchers in the field of Budo. Student member status excludes post-graduate students.
(2) Membership requires a recommendation from a current member.
(3) Applications must be approved by the Board of Directors before being accepted.

2. Application Procedure
(1) Once the “Japanese Academy of Budo Membership Application Form” has been filled out, it should be sent to the administration office. Please download the appropriate application form:

Regular Membership Application Form (pdf) → 正会員用入会申込書
Student Membership Application Form (pdf)→ 学生会員用入会申込書

(2) Applicants granted approval by Board of Directors will be sent a bank deposit slip. This should be used to pay the “joining fee” and “annual membership fee”.
(3) Once payment of the annual membership is confirmed, the applicant will be officially recognised as a member.
(4) The joining fee for regular membership is 3,000 yen, and the regular annual membership fee is 7,000 yen. (The student joining fee is 1,000 yen, and the Student annual membership fee is 1,000 yen).
(5) Applications and inquiries can be made to:
The Japanese Academy of Budo Administration Office
c/o Nippon Budokan
Kitanomaru Koen 2 -3, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 102-0091
Phone: + 81-(0)3-3216-5113 (Wed, Fri)

3. Other
(1) If the annual membership fee is left unpaid for 2 consecutive years, the Academy regulations state that membership will be terminated.
(2) A member’s contact details must include a residential address - one’s place of employment cannot be the only recorded information. If a member wishes to change his or her contact details, please contact the administration office with the updated information as soon as possible.
(3) If a member wishes to withdraw from the Academy, please indicate this when payment of the annual membership fee is due.

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